Super Yacht charter in the Atlantic Ocean:
Luxury yacht charter destinations in the Atlantic ocean cover the more exotic locations between the Eastern Caribbean and the Med as well as the African continent. These include Cape Town in South Africa, Brasil and the rest of South America including increasingly popular Patagonia, Cape Verde, Canaries, Azores and Bermudas as well as North America locations alongside East Coast North from Florida, all the way across New England and Hamptons,  and up to New York as well as Canada's East Coast.

South Americas:
Patagonia, Brasil around Rio and further South in the region of Angra dos Reis, or increasingly developing Northern area around Natal are currently the most up and coming mega yacht charter destinations in the South America. Around Angra you will find hundreds of islands and thousand of beaches, with an obligatory stopover in Rio for night life, perfect beaches and shopping.

Canary Islands:
Canaries tend to be most popular in November at the start of ARC Rally or in December covering Christmas and New Year periods. Cape Verde are slowly becoming clear alternative to the Canaries, especially those keen to experience more adventurous holidays.

Azores and Menorca:
Azores are exclusive and remote, while Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela and Bermudas are for those who have visited all other locations already. Menorca is another spot where more and more yachts tend to seek anchor, in particular while on a longer term yacht charter or when going across to Canaries and the Caribbean.

East Coast:
East coast of USA is very frequented route and sometimes there are very special deals en route from or to the Caribbean. NEW YORK is a destination in its own right and boats here are in high demand during special events in the Metropolis. New England in particular is a unique destination with a lovely contrast of modern US facilities and classic colonial architecture on offer. The yacht charter clients on board of one of super yachts based in this region will have a great choice to visit a number of sublime destinations. The most frequented of those are certainly the rugged coastline of Maine which includes super luxury private resorts of Hamptons, to the idyllic islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. As with any private yacht charter itinerary, you will be able to choose and pick bays, anchorages and ports including one of the world’s foremost yachting centres such as Newport Harbour, Rhode Island or the beautiful natural harbour of Marblehead in extraordinary Massachusetts.  East Coast of Canada is also served by an increasing number of super mega yachts.

For now, most of our clients request charter in Cape Town with some considering parts of East Africa, South West of Seychelles.

Most important information about luxury crewed charter in the Atlantic Ocean:
Peak season – November - February
Best time to go – November, December
Avoid – Summer months

TOP recommendations:

Buzios – North of Rio, Pousadas hotels and beach buggies
Ilha Grande in the Angra archipelago
Rio de Janeiro beaches and night life

Perfect itineary for a week or a fortnightly charter
Fabulous nature on La Gomera

San Blas Islands
Panama Channel crossing
Las Perlas

Cape Verde
Island Mindelo
Island Sal - ONE WAY Charters 

Argentina & Chile

USA Atlantic Coast
Martha's Vineyard
Cape Cod Harbours
Rhode Island ports
Hamptons - Coast of Maine
Sag Harbour and New York City

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Mr Eriksson and his business friends chartered 7 different motor yachts in the range from 70-90' in various locations across the Mediterranean. We are looking forward to arranging new boats during summer season 2012 and winter season 2013

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