Super yacht charter is by far the best holiday experience and choice of destination is crucial part of decision making process.

When chartering a loxury mega yacht, you can get everything one can dream of, from luxury surroundings, 5 star service, excellent food, to enormous possibilities in terms of seclusion, privacy, space, prestige as well as time and most of all, feeling of relaxed, well deserved pleasure.

Even though many of us take for granted the loving people that are on our side and always around us, who are indeed the most important part of any travel and actually make up any of the experiences we make, the super yacht charter destinations which you would visit as part of your luxury cruise, are usually the best part of any holiday.

In terms of luxury yacht charter vacation, there are a huge number of new developments on the horizon.  More and more charter guests are looking for alternative super yacht charter destinations.  Whether it’s the unusual insurgence in explorer yachts providing access to remote areas of Alaska and Spitsbergen in the North Sea, an easier access to super yachts offering circumnavigation of the globe and therefore itineraries around unusual spots such as Patagonia in South America where the classic passenger ship, a 70m Sherakhan, modernised to the latest details, will be going this year or the need to go green or at low cost to remote countries which opened up to super yacht charters only recently, the changes are overwhelming.  One thing remains clear though, and this is that the traditional or easy accessible super yacht charter destinations are still here, they remain both the most popular as well as the best ones, so it is worthwhile looking at them briefly.

South of France:
The birthplace of super yacht charter is certainly the French Riviera between St Tropez and Monaco. 

Thanks to is lovely, almost tropical climate, perfect azure-coloured waters and a regularly blue skies, the Côte d’Azur is the best super yacht charter destination. Although in the past it became famous for the hedonistic lifestyle of some super yacht charter guests, the Côte d’Azur always retained the second side to its fabulous image.  Superb towns such as Monaco, Cannes, St.Tropez or Antibes and lovely anchorages around Lerin Islands and Porquerolles national Park are simply more then just party locations for the ueber-rich, Wall Street brokers or Arab Sheikh's sons.  The best artists have found home here too and the likes of Picasso and Renoir have been followed by streams of other creative souls.  

And with almost 10,000 official moorings capable of welcoming super yachts of any size, the Côte d’Azur is also the best equipped super yacht charter destination which noone should avoid.  With numerous little towns such as Eze Bord de Meer or Villefranche or further East, lovely market towns such as Cassis alongside Cote d'Provence, all of which abound with glorious beaches and whose coastline is covered with sprawling villas, should alone make you think twice about your next luxury crewed venture.  Add to this lovely French Haute Couture shops and homely French baguette tradition and culture indigenous only to this region and you would be missing the point if ignoring once in a lifetime or even a regular stint on a super yacht of your choice alongside French Riviera.

Italian Riviera:
Similarly to the French Riviera, the Italian one, around the billionaire playgrounds of Portofino and Santa Margherita also used to be the inspiration for some of greatest local and European artists.  Despite the less favourable climate, making it only a summer holiday destination, rather then a full year round getaway paradise, Italian Riviera remains the second best super yacht charter destination.  Thanks to astounding natural beauty, fabulous Italian culture, splendid villas and unique coastline with its uniquely sheltered beaches and tumbling cliffs, especially around the famous Cinque Terre, chartering a yacht here any August  is almost as a must as visiting Monaco during it’s annual F1 Grand Prix race. 

Apart from the luxury of your mega yacht, the Italian Riviera abounds with numerous coastal walking paths, all of which offer spectacular views while finding its way past traditional fishing villages and following soaring cliffs down to the sea level.  Add to this a spending mix of finest Italian food, Mediterranean charm and excellent event and facilities offered and it becomes clear that avoiding Italy is not a recommendable route for any super yacht charter client.   Laid back atmosphere, rather then posh showing off St Tropez style is the name of the game here and sprawling around brightly coloured cliff-top villages surrounded by the open Tyrrhenian sea on one side, and the villa-lined waterfronts will offer any yachters best of all experiences.  The so called Riviera Di Levante is indeed the home to the most elite of Italian resort towns where exclusivity and luxury are a way of life.  ONE WAY Super yacht charter cruise from the most exclusive French resorts of Cannes or St Tropez, with an obligatory stopover at the sand powder beach heaven of Alassio on the Riviera delle Palme, before hitting the Rapallo and Portofino is therefore the best mega yacht charter itinerary on the planet.  Add to this an option to embark on a one way charter that will allow you to visit multi-millionaire resorts of Porto Cervo in Sardinia or mega-rich Island of Capri as well as the absolutely spectacular Amalfi Coast South from Naples and it is clear that Italy is indeed one of the best super yacht charter destinations in the world.

The Balearics:
The fabulous island of Mallorca, amazing Menorca, exceptionally varied Ibiza and secluded Formentera are the crown Jewells for the luxury crewed yacht charter clients in the West Mediterranean. The best of the Mediterranean idyllic scenery, amazing climate as well as unique cultural experience is what makes this region one of the best super yacht charter destinations in the world.

Far from the glitzy lifestyles of St Tropez, Monaco and Portofino,  the Balearics offer different kind of luxury.  The typical mega yacht charterer heads here to find seclusion from the bustle and hustle of the Rivera’s and numerous powder sand beaches, secluded coves, and many historical monuments scattered throughout are the main attractions here.  Even though the notoriously crazy night life on Ibiza and pampered presence of Palma de Mallorca or crowds in Alcudia town do attract the plenty, the islands themselves are fonder of clients seeking peace and tranquillity in their lovely pine forests, rather then the show off culture preferred in Italy or France.   

East Mediterranean:
It would be difficult to pinpoint one single destination as the most important or indeed the best one in this spectacular region.  Both Greece and Turkey can boast with a huge number of pre-historic monuments and ancient history spots, coupled with fabulous scenery and amazing customer service provided throughout the usual mega yacht charter itineraries, spanning the whole of Turkish Lycian and Antalya coasts or Greek Cyclades Archipelago and the Saronic Gulf.  Luxury crewed yacht charter itineraries which allow clients to visit historic island of Crete and super picturesque island of Santorini, coupled with stopovers in the luxury resort of Bodrum and historic port of Marmaris are currently the most sought after super yacht charter getaways.

On top, the amazingly beautiful Adriatic Sea covering countries such as Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia have recently become the most popular yachting destination in the world.  The itineraries between Split and Kotor, covering the unique Dubrovnik and its neighbouring Elafiti Archipelago as well as the celebrity Island of Hvar are simply the most recommendable ones at this moment in time.  If heading to the East Med, ideally you would visit all these in one go, thus longer term one way charter starting in Croatia and ending in Turkey would indeed be the ideal super yacht charter destination for those who can either afford it or allow that much time out of their usually busy schedules.

The Caribbean Leeward Islands:
One of the most exotic super yacht charter destinations in the world, East Caribbean Leeward Islands are the absolute best and most enchanting chain of volcanic islands, rich with coral beds and highest number of white sand beaches anywhere else. 

The secluded, ueber-luxury Anguilla, historical Antigua, posh Saint Martin, remote Montserrat, as well as islands such as Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saba and the prestige Saint Barths taken all together, are simply said the best of what the Caribbean has to offer..

Each of them offering slightly different cultures and experience they are simply unavoidable luxury crewed yacht charter spots.  St Barths is in particular known for congregations of jet-set clientele who bring with them the highest number of super yachts in the Caribbean.  A genuine billionaire’s playground, St Barths first and foremost offers finest dining pleasures and most luxurious designers shopping alleys.  On top, thanks to a huge number of lovely sandy beaches, this French influenced island country is also the home for some of the finest super yacht events, especially in late spring when the St Barth’s Bucket regatta holds its annual presence.  Coupled with the northernmost island of the Leewards, the exquisite island country of Anguilla, where mega yacht charter clients seek privacy and opulence in equal measures, these two are the most important stopovers for any super yacht enthusiasts.  

The Bahamas:
This sumptuous, breath-taking tropical archipelago composed of sixteen islands amongst which the Grand Bahama, the New Providence and San Salvador are the most visited ones, is the dream location for many a super yacht charterer.   Rich with Colonial history, mountain plateaus and crystal clear Caribbean seas, this island country of music, festivals and most luxurious villas in the world is preferred by the laid-back, super rich who choose Bahamas as their second home for decades now. Swimming with dolphins, relaxing on a hammock within numerous, meticulously maintained English gardens or shopping on the Victorian streets of Nassau are some of the name most popular activities for the billionaire locals living here. As a super yacht charter client, you would be bound to appreciated the remoteness of individual islands and their pearly beaches as much as the bustling entertainment quarters of the New Providence capital and the famous Marsh marina on the Great Abaco. 

At the end, regardless what your favourite super yacht charter destinations is, missing out on any of these will not change you as a person.  If you do feel inspired though, asking others who have explored all or any of these areas if you should indeed commit to a luxury yacht charter in one of the best super yacht charter destinations in the world could be the next best step for you and your closer circle of family and friends.


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Dr Johnson chartered a luxury 65' Lagoon sailing catamaran on the Italian riviera. The owner of this famous yacht, a famous Italian celebrity, offered a free delivery of the boat to Amalfi Coast and a third crew member on top. The whole experience was exceptional and the family is looking to charter this year again.

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